Boundaries for Expansion Add on Feature

Join us for the month-long Boundaries for Expansion Activation starting May 1, 2023. Hosted by Monica Leilani, Avalon Preistess and Witch of the Gateways.

Includes 1:1 Session with Monica Leilani. Modality options may include oracle reading, energy clearing, emotional release, intuitive coaching or channeling.

Note this is not a subscription, only a one-time fee.

Suggested Price: $175.00

Minimum Price: $100.00



Join us on the Month-long Boundaries for Expansion Activation starting May 1, 2023, to gain clarity from the inside on what you need to shift or shed light on, that will support you in moving forward in your life.

This will be a process of deepening into yourself and finding your edges so you can grow. Sometimes we lack boundaries or structure and struggle to create or connect with the truth of who we are. Other times we set boundaries too tight, guarding in a way that doesn’t allow for gifts to come in.

Journeying in this collective container is an opportunity to redefine the structure of your world.

In order to do this we are utilizing two powerful tools;
The remote energy service called Quantum Alignment Service (QAS) helps imprint the energy of embodiment with the electro-hypnosis feature to reduce the strength of the negative that goes on in our mind and replace it with the positive.

The Quantum Soul Tones, from Quantum Sound Therapy, is a set of unique frequencies created from your voice designed to release the patterns within the subconscious mind.

Together these subtle yet powerful tools and the energy of the group experience will help assist each of us to clear the air, shift our energy and bring us into a deeper layer of receiving.