The Quantum Acceleration Services delivers energetic “air support” for those dedicated to love, self and community transformation through living in a Higher State of Consciousness. Developed to leverage an industry leading Quantum Energy System through automating its use in providing energy healing, balancing and clearing services to aide you. No matter what walk of life, spiritual practice or beliefs this service just works. You do not need to do anything but LIVE. The QAS uses conscious technology that helps open portals of light leaving you feeling more open, expansive and easier in your day to day living.

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  • I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have this clearing service – I know I would be a lot more of a mess that’s for sure. I am so so so thankful! It really allows me to stay connected and rooted in my self rather than getting carried away into the deep end – like I used to. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or my anxiety kicks in or I am stressed or sadness overcomes me from nowhere… after the happy zapper runs I feel so much clearer, like the weight has been lifted and the fog has cleared. This has made such a big difference and I am forever grateful for having it in my life.
    Cassandra - Regina, Sask
  • I am finding this service extremely valuable and extremely grateful for what I am paying for it also. Thank you so much. What I have noticed since starting this service 4months ago is that I don't experience the darkness or heaviness like I did before. It would last for 4-5 days or more and I found it extremely difficult to get out of and sometimes I was not aware that I was in it. Now, it may be a few hours and I recognize it right away and it passes quickly.
    I am very dedicated to this spiritual path and working daily on this. I feel this clearing system expedites my process and makes the path much more smooth with increased awareness of all that exists in a beautiful way. I also feel confident that when I am continually being exposed to energies that are not serving me that I am being protected and cleared. Sincerely and deeply grateful.
    Treena - Toronto, Ontario
  • So this crazy but profound invention re-extension was developed and created by my beautiful partner. However I was a skeptic. A real skeptic. Which I believe all real experiences come from. How do you think I started using the IQubes? With a willingness to try something new, not so sure if it will work and then reflecting the impact it has had in my life lovingly and objectively to what else is possible..His passion has always been technology to help humanity move forward but I never saw this one coming..LOL..
    So a bit of background. I have two beautiful sons who are with me off and on… Mostly with their Dad.. I had them one April for two weeks and I was looking forward to spending longer quality time with them.. An opportunity I do not often get.. The funny part was within days of them being with me I could not function, get motivated, make decisions or even enjoy being with them.. I was pissed because I was so looking forward to this. I kept thinking what is wrong with me instead of opening to curiosity that something else is going on. If you believe everything is energy then you can imagine when your children arrive after spending time with their Dad and his beautiful new wife they bring with them all the stories and paradoxes that live in that reality.. And many of these stories are about fear and control.. The opposite of what my life has become.. So now imagine this energies mixing.. Muddy eh? So that night my partner went upstairs and ran some extra loving on the QHZ service on me to see what might happen.. Interestingly within 20 minutes I was off the couch, back to being me and happy to have my time with my kids..This is when it came to us to try running situations and other people. We began running the service on my ex, his wife and the day they got married .. Energy that had a significant impact on m my life.. And since then things have been smoother.. We don’t always run them now but when the kids are with me I am all in cause I want to enjoy my life, enjoy kids.. Don’t you?
    Andrea Austin, Co-Owner of Clearly Conscious - Toronto, Ontario