Quantum Acceleration Services

A service designed to keep your energy “clean and sparkly” daily.

The Quantum Acceleration Services delivers energetic “air support” for those dedicated to love, self and community transformation through living in a Higher State of Consciousness. Developed to leverage an industry leading Quantum Energy System through automating its use in providing energy healing, balancing and clearing services to aide you. No matter what walk of life, spiritual practice or beliefs this service just works. You do not need to do anything but LIVE. The QAS uses conscious technology that helps open portals of light leaving you feeling more open, expansive and easier in your day to day living.
  • QAS-Empower-Service

    QAS Services

    $75.00 / month

    Includes energy balance sessions, happiness boosts, assistance with clearing extraneous interfering energies in your field and more. Purchase one “unit” for each person, place or situation you wish to balance.

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