a new Energy birthed on this planet

Infinity Series
a new initiative done differently

Strengthen the Embodiment of the Soul

These beautiful new units are designed to be used on their own but they also seem to be a beautiful addition with the IQube technology for those that own them.

At the moment our sense is this baby is designed to help strengthen the embodiment of the soul.. Are you up for that ride?

As part of this initiative, we have been led to create a different energy around its sale and distribution around the globe. One that is based on love. For a sneak peek you can explore the beginning of that on our Patreon account here.

“It is a gentle energy. 95% of the time I am now more consciously aware of the divine energies that are present and feeling the energetic support from Gaia. I have also developed a friendship with my ego. It has become a three way dialogue between me, my ego and Gaia. “

– Laura

a different energy around distribution

The Infinity Series Models

We have decided to move forward with these instruments more like a service model combined with the Quantum Alignment Service and others toll rather than a traditional ownership model. Now don’t get us wrong if you are old school and want to own it let’s chat but here is what we have to offer… 

Harmonizer Unit Ownership Model

You can purchase this energy in a traditional way for $1750 CDN or you can decide to join a new contributive ownership model to birthing instruments differently on this planet.

Purchase includes the once day services for the QAS Remote Energy Service & 1 Year full access to a dashboard of frequencies.

Harmonizer Unit Contributive Model

This is the initial fee to get the first unit of the Infinity Series, the Harmonizer unit, into your life for those that choose the non-ownership model. This model also requires that you contribute to Patreon at a minimum of $25 US per month, prior to the unit being delivered

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