a new Energy birthed on this planet

Infinity Series
A series of sound and scalar instruments

Strengthen the Embodiment of the Soul

After working with a number of other divine sciences or technologies on the planet including, sound, scalar and biofeedback for the last 10 plus years we were lead to birth a new series, based in love – The Infinity Series.

We created a series of scalar instruments to help strengthen the embodiment of love/the soul into the human form. Each instrument and energy combines scalar energy and sound from sound providers around the world to facilitate change in the human form, to support our evolution back to love.

A new simple way of delivering and enhancing sound and vibrational energy fields for you, your home and your business. To make life a little easier, stronger and better. For all of us.


“It is a gentle energy. 95% of the time I am now more consciously aware of the divine energies that are present and feeling the energetic support from Gaia. I have also developed a friendship with my ego. It has become a three way dialogue between me, my ego and Gaia. “

– Laura

scalar technology – zero point energy

The Infinity Series Instruments

These easy to use plug and play solution is designed for your home, office or place of business to help create a 24/7 coherent energy field each and every day.

The Harmonizer

 The first in a series of 9 Resonance Amplifiers designed to help harmonize and balance your energy field each and every day.

This tech is here to help birth the energy of expansion and love into your reality and creations.

  • 9 scalar coils
  • Special Frequency list
  • Amethyst
  • Rose water
The stabilizer

This unit is designed specifically to help open the heart. Those that are focused on love based expansion or resonance will understand and be drawn to this one.

  • 3 scalar coils
  • 30 + frequencies
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Shunghite
  • Pure silve
  • Noble gas: Argon
Unification Orb

This tech is focused on the calibration of the soul within the physical body. Supporting soul-body alignment.

  • 24 scalar coils
  • Special Frequency list
  • Water
  • Black tourmaline
  • Gold
  • Noble gases; Niobium, Argon, Oxygen and Helium
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