love & light inner journey

Deepen Your Alignment With Love

The Truth of

who we are



The truth of who we are is love, it is our very existence. It is the truth that grows inside each of us. It is the connection to the soul that we yearn for.

We welcome you to join us, and many others in this unique Love & Light 21-day Inner Journey to support and endeavor for all of us to return back to a deeper level of love inside ourselves.

Here is an audio excerpt from an interview from News For the Soul, to give you context for what we are doing.

Press play and tune into the energy transmission. 

We will be journeying on our own from anywhere in the globe, supported by a group focused on love leveraging the profound Quantum Alignment Service, a remote energy tool, and personalized Quantum Soul Tones provided by Quantum Sound.

Each component supports us in letting go of our limiting states so that we can live from a more aligned state with our higher self and love.

Many of the stories we have told ourselves about love are not true but are often sometimes the hardest to break. Knowing that we are not alone in, as we continue to shed the layers and step into embodying more love and light.

As each of us steps into a deeper state of love within ourselves, especially in an active way like this, we start en-training others to that frequency without them even having to be part of the experience.

Creating an infinite ripple of love……

Are you ready to journey back to unconditional love of self, and others?


The Impact

In this experience we are creating a Harmonic Resonance as a group. 

As we work together and participate using the tools it creates a resonance of frequency that entrained us. As each us is able to settle more and more into a deep love of self, love of the world and unconditionality our harmonic resonance shifts. That resonance then feeds back to the rest of the group and to those around us, even if they are not participating. It becomes a strengthening of love, a strengthening of light, and a deep affecting of other people.  

This is different from each of us meditating in isolation, it becomes a lifestyle choice. To commit the exploration of love and exploring the journey of love yourself. 

If 10 people actively participate, we estimate that we affect around 100. If 100 participate we estimate we will affect 1000..

Our intention is to impact more and more and allow it to grow.. and this requires you and your support. 

It is like a pool of light growing sometimes in isolation and sometimes in groups, knowing we are never alone. Creating a connection together as part of the whole and within us which deepens as we journey together in this way.

the love & light inner journey

The 21-Day Journey Includes


Automated Remote Daily Energy Support

Clear Your Energetic Field & Align To Who You Are

We are multi-dimensional beings, and although we are powerful in and of ourselves, we all could use additional support to help keep our energy clear and aligned. The Quantum Alignment Service (QAS) remote energy service to assist in balancing and clearing our energy field once-a-day. These gentle, subtle energy tool helps to clear the airways, so that you have more space to be YOU.


on-demand energy protocols

Strengthen Your Positive Beliefs & Dissolved The Negative Beliefs

Utilizing the new on-demand energy features to help strengthen your ability to let go of your negative thought patterns and reinforce the positive ones around love and light.

As we consciously send in an on-demand hypno request via email, this provides added energetic support to shift out those outdated beliefs and strengthen the new beliefs.


personalized quantum soul tones

Shifting Your Subconscious Limitations With Healing Frequencies Specific To You

Quantum Soul Tones from Quantum Sound Therapy are a personalized set of unique frequencies are created from your voice and designed to release the patterns within the subconscious mind. Quantum Soul Tones are an audio track that is generated by your own voice, designed to support you in releasing your limiting beliefs and stories, create new neural pathways in the brain and re-balance and harmonize your energy field.


Sharing & Support With Other Members

  • We will host 2 LIVE Group Calls each month to connect with other members and tune into the energy. 
  • Private Online Group Sharing Chat via Telegram: We will have a private group chat via Telegram for each of us to reflect and share awareness’s and feedback along the way – and to support each other as we need.

The Steps To Take To Return to Love & Light…


Send in a Remote Energy Protocol Request Everyday via Email

With this inner journey you can choose to use both hypnolove and hypnolight. Feel into if you want to play them back to back, or request a session anytime during the day, or in the middle of the night. We will share more details how to do this upon sign up.


Listen to Personal Quantum Soul Tones Once-A-Day

You can choose to listen to this 25-minute track, any time that feels right for you. We suggest listening after you send in your hypno requests, as the two together compliment each other very well. They both work in different energetic spaces allowing you to accelerate the journey back to love.


After the 21-days... Experience a 10-day Integration

It felt important to offer an additional support after the 21-day journey, for those that choose. This integration period, gives us all a chance to settle with all that we have shifted, and allowed. This is a new feature, that we will share more about at the end of the 21-days.

For the full 30-days you will receive the remote energetic support once-a-day.

Remember that all of this is done remotely. And you do not need to be present with the group everyday for this experience, It is an inner journey. You simply commit 30 minutes a day to yourself, and be mindful of your experiene as you move through the experience in your own way.

I’ve been using my hypnolove and light per day and have noticing that it’s much easier to be in my heart. You can’t put a price on that feeling grateful that we get to play with these tools, how cool.

- Jeff

I wanted to share that I had a bumpy start, day one was great so I was surprised when the second day I woke up with feeling heavy energy and emotions. The day was a struggle. I wondered if I was clearing out stuff to make room for more love and light. I had the opportunity to connect with Bill and he shared some wisdom that helped me out. He said, “maybe it is that you are about to expand into more love, and that is sensed and an automatic negative feedback loop is created to try and make it harder to move forward – or it could be your ego not wanting to let go of who we think we are, not wanting to step into letting go and loving ourselves again or perhaps the future self is threatened as we change our timelines with divine science of energy and making it challenging for us now.”

(A reminder that the journey with love and light isn’t always easy but worth it.)

- Denise

It is the energy of the stories of our past that is causing the tension for the future. It’s time to shift that..

The statements with hypnolove we are strengthening…

  • I am enough
  • I am worthy of love
  • My heart is open to others and to myself
  • I receive love at all times
  • I am filled with hope
  • I am love
  • I love others and myself without condition
  • I am filled with joy
  • I see the world as a place of love

The statements with hypnolight we are strengthening…

  • It is safe to show my true power
  • I move forward and choose expansion
  • I love and enjoy showing up as myself
  • Showing up in my light allows abundance to flow
  • How others perceive me is irrelevant
  • I am comfortable and focused when showing up and being seen
  • My presence brings value
  • I will always be love
  • I allow my soul to shine brightly

Be a part of bringing more love into your, and others lives.


The intention of the experiment is to each journey alone and together, moving towards embodying more love and light within ourselves. Each experience harnesses the group resonance and energy, moving towards embodying more light and love within ourselves and our communities.

the bigger vision

The funds raised by this initiative will contribute to the growth of this community focused on love.

40% of the proceeds go to our Non-Profit Called the Love FUND

and 60% of all funds rasied each wave go back to pay it forward to the community that raises it!

In the last wave, we raised almost $4500 and we had 62 people participating. 

The intention is to dream and create through love. Hence the Love Experiment to see if we can fund all of our dreams through love. 

Our goal for this next wave of those who choose to participate in the Love & Light Inner Journey is to raise $$7,000 by Feb 1st!

We are asking you to choose a contribution that meets your needs; both personally and financially.

The contributions set out below are “Suggested” for you. You go inside and determine what feels right for you. 


Our Target Financial Goal

Our Target # Of People

1 Month (30-Day) Contribution

The Suggested Energy exchange for this 30-day inner journey experience is $125 CDN.

This includes 21 days of focusing on Love and Light and 10 days of integration.

You can commit to 30 days and then go inside and offer what feels right for you to contribute to love!

3 Month (90-day) Open Contribution

The one-time suggested Energy exchange for this 90-day inner journey experience is $365 CDN.

This includes 3 X 21-day inner journeys of Love and Light along with 10 days of integration in between each month.

This offer also includes adding Amplify Love for your space/location once a day to assist with the integration over the 90 days.

Lets see what happens to love when you commit for 90 days. 

We begin the next wave on Thursday, February 1st, 2024.
Let the journey of love continue as we are on Wave 5

By leveraging each other and the tools we strengthen the souls connection to love, and learn to create from unconditional love again.