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The Stabilizers
understanding purpose, change, divinity & connection

Expression of Divine Love & Consciousness

This easy-to-use beautiful new unit is designed specifically to help gently open the heart. It can be used as a single three-coil unit to start and/or a dual 6 coil unit out of the gate. Those who are focused on love-based expansion or resonance will understand and be drawn to this one. This unit can be added to the Harmonizer unit or used as a stand-alone unit.

“They are here to help humankind. To assist in their development and expansion/evolution, healing, learning, growth, and love grounded in this reality. They help create SAFETY and a nurturing space to live and thrive in. They help buffer and assist in stabilizing dramatic shifts in energies that happen quite often on Earth.

They wrap your consciousness and energetic bodies in love. Simply put we stabilize LOVE! Creating safe, healing, stable spaces, fields to live, work in, and grow in.” 


“I find the instrument provides a comfort and awareness knowing that I am supporting my sense of being in a subtle and continuous way.” 

– Jenny Ryce

What’s inside…

This unit was created by pure guidance, this led the Bill Little, the creator of the instruments, to surrender to the process and trust that each piece would come together to make the masterpiece it became.


Black Tourmaline

Helps dissipate and ground out the negative energies in the lower centers.


3 or 6 Scalar Coils - Hexagonal Shape

This is the most efficient shape in nature and in the world. It symbolizes a greater wisdom and stronger connection to spirituality. It can come as a single or dual unit. You decide. 


Argon Gas

Helps keep the area clear of lower, denser vibrations and energies.



Helps to relieve emotional stress, reduce inflammation and EMF exposure.


Pure Silver

It enhances general energy levels and helps balance mood.


What’s included…

Audio Tracks

30 tracks of frequencies licensed from Sapien Medicine to help support you in your expansion.

Music Player

We use Amazon Fire Tablet to store all the frequencies that get played through the Stabilizer. This makes it easier to download and add frequencies as needed.


This robust amplifier is about to carry the frequnecies to the instrument to help facilite in the amplification of the frequencies through the coils to create scalar energy.

Quantum Alignment Service (QAS)

QAS is the perfect pair with the Stabilizer to assist in maintaining and aligning your energy space on a daily basis. To learn more about QAS service go here.

As an intuitive sensitive empath my body and mind have always felt all the incoming energies and at times it was almost crippling. I didn’t know what to expect with this technology and I immediately felt the difference as soon as I plugged the unit in. Since allowing scalar energy to do it’s thing, I have experienced so many wonderful changes. So called Ascension Symptoms have significantly decreased! Feeling much less stressed and definitely supported by these energies.” 

– Judy

experience the energy virtually

Tune in and feel into the energy field

This short intro gives a quick introduction to these units as part of the Series and plays a frequency enhanced by the coils to create the vibrational field for you, your family, and your home.

what is the energy exchange for this instrument?

You will not see a suggested energy exchange here because they want to be distributed differently. Not because we are trying to lure you into a sales phone call:)

What does that mean for you if you are interested in an instrument?

Simply reach out and ask, by completing the Contact Us form below. But know if that instrument truly calls you we will work with you and yes adjust the pricing if we feel called to.

Now that will require a conversation with us or someone else to tune in and make sure this decision and the exchange feel truly balanced between us. But we are open to it if you are. This is truly about connection. They are sacred instruments. 

If you wish to learn more about how and why we approach business in this way. Got here to learn more – Sacred Exchange.


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