Our approach to exchanging energy

Contributions and Sacred Exchange

How to exchange differently, from love… 

Setting the stage for this approach to business began formally in 2019 but we feel like this has been coming our whole lives.

to guide us to do business in the world, differently, from love.

How can you do that in a world that does not trust? Where money and love have been bastardized and people are not willing to receive love. How do set a value for things when you truly do not know the benefit?

Truly a challenge we were ready to receive. 

What has come so far is several approaches to creating an openness to exchange….

First, you will see that most of our products have a suggested energy exchange. So if that works for you awesome you are good to go. But know that within that, you will see on checkout that you can adjust the pricing up or down. We suggest you go inside each time and contribute what you feel called to do. (no worries about insulting us we can always turn you down… LOL)

Now with that in mind, you will not see a suggested energy exchange or pricing for our Infinity Series Technology. Mostly because these they want to be distributed differently, from love. Not because we are trying to lure you into a sales phone call:)

What does that mean for you if you are interested in an instrument?

Simply reach out and ask, by completing the Contact Us form below. But know if that instrument truly calls you we will work with you and yes adjust the pricing if we feel called to. Now that will require a conversation with us or someone else to tune in and make sure this decision and the exchange feel truly balanced. But we are open to it if you are. This is truly about connection. 

Then there is the non-profit element of what we do. To learn more about that aspect explore the Love Fund located here. – https://www.mycw.ca/love-funds/

All aspects are designed to truly open access to energy support tools without letting money get in the way, build trust, and then pay it forward by the community in love. 

This is about truly trusting and living in the flow. A community working together to bridge the gaps of healing and assisting each other and moving from pain and suffering to living and creating again from a place of love.

You are not “purchasing” in a traditional way. You are connecting and adding more love into the world through sacred exchange. 

Contributions are made to support the expansion and unity of love on this planet within ourselves, each other, and the globe, including both the physical and non-physical connections supporting and expanding the expansion of love at this time.