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We share products and services that are designed to assist as stepping stones in your commitment to your own personal evolution through love. All of these products we use personally in one way or another and we see this as a growing list over the coming years. So come, explore, take a step and begin or continue to take the next step to empowering your evolution through love.

our acceleration technology

What We Offer

You are a symphony of vibration and energy living in a dense environment. Technology is here to assist to bring about higher states coherence, and synergy so you can be YOU more easily. Its advantage is that it bypasses the ego, and the mind, allowing you to or creating space for you to let go more easily of what no longer serves you or you no longer need.

“We live a life of service, a life of love and a journey to help others realize the beauty within themselves and the strength that each person can bring to the planet when they choose to live in love. Our life journey is about sharing and bringing this divine science to people around the world.

– Bill & Andrea, Creators of MyCW

our family of instruments

Conscious Tools to Help You On Your Journey

Quantum Accerleration Services
Remote Air Support

Leveraging world-class Biofeedback system we can deliver 200 to 400 minutes of energy balancing each and every day for pennies a day.

Quantum Soul Tones
Unique Frequencies Based on the Voice

A customized soundtrack from your voice that helps shift the frequency of your root pain patterns. This positive shift reduces the weight of the emotional baggage that has held you back.

Infinity series technology
Strengthen the Embodiment of the Soul

The Harmonizer a new Energy birthed on this planet in the Fall of 2019. Part of a series of units called the “Infinity Series”.