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Welcome to My Conscious Wellness...

how to awaken your mind and expand your consciousness.
This is the area to discover what we mean by love, evolution and the evolution of consciousness through love. Come and discover what we mean by the REAL YOU, the you connected to your soul through love.

conscious & heart-based events with like-minded people.

This is where you will be able to experience the Clearly Conscious Community both online and in person. Come and find a place to re-connect and experience like minds coming together in love.

Conscious-based technology that is transforming the way we live.
This is the area to explore the tools and technologies that us and others in the community have used to accelerate their journey of evolution through love.

We are a community of individuals dedicated to our own personal evolution and the evolution of others through love. We welcome anyone called to connect with conscious-minded individuals who are looking to expand, grow and achieve freedom through love.