raising consciousness through love

Consciousness Tools & Technology


We share tools and supportive energy instruments both physical and remote energy support systems that are all designed to assist us in strengthening our energy field and the connection to the love that we are.

Everything we share we leverage personally and there is a community of others doing the same and some are even handmade! All created with the intention of deepening our connection to love as that is what we are made of. 

So come, explore, take a step, and begin or continue to take the next step to empower your evolution through love.

our acceleration technology

What We Offer

You are a symphony of vibration and energy living in a dense environment. Technology is here to assist to bring about higher states coherence, and synergy so you can be YOU more easily. Its advantage is that it bypasses the ego, and the mind, allowing you to or creating space for you to let go more easily of what no longer serves you or you no longer need.

“We live a life of love and a journey to help others realize the beauty within themselves and the strength that each person can bring to the planet when they choose to live in love. Our life journey is about sharing and bringing this divine science to people around the world.

– Bill & Andrea, CoFounders of MyCW

consciousness tools

 Supporting You On Your Journey of getting back to the love inside you

Quantum Accerleration Services
Remote Air Support

Leveraging a world-class Biofeedback system we can deliver 200 to 400 minutes of energy balancing each and every day supporting your energy field for stress, sleep, pain and maintaining your aura. 

Inner Journey

We welcome you to join us, and many others remotely in this unique 21 day Inner Journey focusing on Light and Love to support and endeavor for all of us to return to a deeper level of love inside ourselves using sound, energy, and vibration and the love each of us has inside.

Infinity series Instruments
Strengthening the Connection to the Soul

The Harmonizer, Stabilizer, and Unification Orb, all sound and scalar instuments birthed on this planet in the Fall of 2019. Part of a series of units called the “Infinity Series”.