25 pack of Hexagonal Structured Water


This purchase includes tax and shipping for 25 bottles anywhere in Canada. If you are outside Canada and wish to purchase this product please contact us for details.

Once purchased we will contact you to find out which mix of 25 you wish to include in your shipment and/or you can message us directly to let us know.


Beautiful Hexagonal Structured water imported from Quantum Sound Therapy featuring, Supercalm, Wellness, Indigo, Miracle, Supercell and Spirit Molecule.

Descriptions of the Formulas we carry are  – 

  1. Spirit Molecule Formula  –Spirit Molecule helps you achieve higher states of consciousness, awareness, and bliss. Our formula contains DMT, a naturally occurring substance in all life on the planet that activates pineal centers in the brain. Drink this structured water to improve your self-confidence, self-awareness, social skills, creativity, sense of connectedness and communication, and reduce physical tension in the body.
  2. Supercalm  Formula – Super Calm deals with mental and emotional peace and calm within the body. It can create a euphoric sense of well-being by providing balance and harmony to the nervous system. This is a feel-good drink for general uplifting, stabilizing the active “monkey” mind, or calming chronic fear, stress, and sadness.
  3. Wellness FormulaThe Wellness formula is designed to encourage maximum cell water turnover, to help the body flush stored toxins from the system.  This in turn supports the immune system in the defense of the body, to support and strengthen all the bodily functions.  
  4. Indigo Formula – this one was co-created with Dr. Emoto and Robert Lloy using the voice files of thousands of gifted children from the Hado school in Japan. They used to ship 10 of thousands of bottles to the school.  Indigo enhances whole-brain functioning and right brain learning.
  5. Miracle Formula  – it’s the way it sounds. Created using the vibration and frequency of the Miracle Iqube The Miracle water is designed to work quicker at the cellular level.
  6. Supercell Formula – based upon thousands of clinical voice analyses which revealed the needs of the physical body, is used to enhance the physical structure by increasing energy.  We added additional energy frequencies to the original base solution, to encourage mind-body balance.  It’s an excellent daily water that helps you accomplish all your tasks.


What do we mean by Hexagonal Structured Water? Watch here….