The Infinity Series – Harmonizer Unit -ownership model


This one was divinely inspired in the Fall of 2019. With 45 of them on the planet we are now we are looking for the next wave of beings that are ready for this unique energy on the planet.

You can purchase this energy in a traditional way for $1750 CDN or you can decide to join a new contributive ownership model to birthing instruments differently on this planet.

Purchase includes the once day services for the QAS Remote energy service and full access to a dashboard of frequencies for one year.

The only thing you need to purchase is the music player to make her happy (approx $50 US of $75 CDN)..



Introducing the Harmonizer a new Energy birthed on this planet in the Fall of 2019. Part of a series of units called the “Infinity Series”.

The first in a series of nine these units can be purchased outright or “rented” as they evolve over time. Yours to choose.

The first 45 unitholders have been born on this planet and there are more to come.

These beautiful new units are designed to be used on their own but they also seem to be a beautiful addition with the IQube technology for those that own them.

At the moment our sense is this baby is designed to help strengthen the embodiment of the soul.Are you up for that ride?

As part of this initiative, we have been led to create different energy around its sale and distribution around the globe. One that is based on love. For a sneak peek you can explore the beginning of what that might look like at  –

What if you could participate differently through a participatory non-ownership model?

As part of birthing, this new initiative we have been asked to distribute these instruments differently. To allow those that are called to participate differently by participating in a monthly contribution model to give flexibility for us and you to ensure these are right for you. Curious? Explore more at or contact us at

See the videos below to learn more –

What are you getting with your decision to say yes?