QAS/Happy Zapper Family Service

$100.00 / month

Includes a package for you and your family.



This is for the QAS service specifically for you and your family.

This service includes remote energy balance sessions, happiness boosts, assistance with clearing extraneous discordant energies in your field, assistance with balancing and clearing karmic ties, assistance with cutting cords, and help with balancing the auric field. Overall it helps bring you back into alignment more easily each and every day.

Once you purchase the service you will receive an email with forms that need to be completed to get the service started. The whole process is not totally automated so be patient, pay attention to your email and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


“Sweetness! Thank you! The flow of life is increasingly clear & Beautiful! My parents will likely be contacting you to sign up, soon. ” – Lani, Empowered Earth Wellness | Alberta