Understanding the Chart

The following excerpts are from www.quantumSoundTherapy.com” Send us 10 seconds of your voice frequencies reciting the vowels or 15 seconds reciting an affirmation of your choosing from your Cell Phone.  We will send you your harmonizing frequencies in an mp3 format which you are free to listen to any time of the day or night Where else can you go 24×7 to get your personalized Sound Healing frequencies (so you stay in the zone). Using the proprietary algorithm from Quantum Sound Therapy, we define the elemental pairing from the periodic table of elements that needed attention and balancing.   We have been using our Voice Assessment process (VAHS) for over 35 years as a therapeutic modality. We have Certified Sound Coaches all over the world. Our software has won awards for the best sound therapy software. Now, due to advances in technology and the extraordinary work of our consciousness engineers, we are able to send your Cloud Sound Therapy Tones instantaneously anywhere at anytime. Your custom tones act as your personal tuning fork. New York Times Bestselling author and What the Bleep celebrity, Dr. Masaru Emoto in his book “The True Power of Water” said about this software: “If this new system becomes popular, music therapy would be able to make a quantum leap, because the sound with the most suitable information can be delivered to our individual cells Mr. Lloy developed software capable of creating a suitable sound after having a person vocalize for fifteen seconds. I tried it myself. As I was exhausted after overseas travel and I was also quite busy writing, I had very stiff shoulders with some pain. After listening to the sound created by the software for 30 minutes, the stiffness in my shoulders suddenly disappeared.” Dr. Masaru Emoto, “The True Power of Water”, p. 124  

Our Frequency Library

The following information concerning the musical notes is based upon the qualities (personalities) of the various elements. Our proprietary algorithm has enabled us to convert an Element (weight) from the periodic table to a usable frequency. Your voice frequencies are processed and the center chart in your periodic table printout determines the elements that needed attention. Rather then play a single element frequency, we introduce the frequencies of natures natural pairs and allow the body to restore it’s energy balance.  Over the years we have done tens of thousands of voice samples, and our software algorithms have been spot on when compared with urine, blood and hair analysis.

Delta 0.5-3 Theta 4-7 Alpha 8-13 Beta 14-30 Descending Octaves Note
1.02 2.04 4.08 8.17 16.3518 32.70 65.40 130.81 261.63 C
1.08 2.16 4.33 8.66 17.3237 34.64 69.29 138.59 277.18 C#
1.14 2.29 4.58 9.17 18.3537 36.70 73.41 146.83 293.66 D
1.21 2.43 4.86 9.72 19.4456 38.89 77.78 155.56 311.13 D#
1.28 2.57 5.15 10.30 20.6018 41.20 82.40 164.81 329.63 E
1.36 2.72 5.45 10.91 21.8268 43.65 87.30 174.61 349.23 F
1.44 2.89 5.78 11.56 23.1243 46.24 92.49 185.99 369.99 F#
1.53 3.06 6.12 12.25 24.50 49.00 98.00 196.00 392.00 G
1.62 3.24 6.48 12.97 25.9562 51.91 103.82 207.65 415.30 G#
1.71 3.43 6.87 13.75 27.50 55.00 110.00 220.00 440.00 A
1.82 3.64 7.28 14.56 29.135 58.27 116.54 233.08 466.16 A#
1.92 3.95 7.71 15.43 30.8675 61.73 123.47 246.94 493.88 B


Emotional Correlation (emotional effect of each note in an octave)

Deals with self power issues, listlessness, ability to self direct, survival issues, repression, dependence, sexuality, groundedness. C# Secretly hard on self, sarcastic or bullying, indulgence, low energy, fear, groundedness, boundaries, attachment. D Deals with self approval issues, complainer, sexuality issues, low self-esteem, shyness, fear, addictions, intimacy. D# Information brokers, don’t share real emotions easily, mental clarity, stubborness, control issues, trust issues. E Deals with self sabotage, needs to be needed, lack of will power, depression, slow learning. F Deals with procrastination, lack of compassion, trust issues, authenticity. F# Work on unimportant issues and leave important issues undone, will turn off and vegetate, inflexible, lack of responsiveness. G Deals with prioritizing physical issues, depression, communication issues, creativity blockage, dishonesty. G# Spreads self thin, sees self as not important, sways from low self esteem to egotistical. A Deals with prioritizing non-physical issues, creativity blockage, trust issues, lack of motivation. A# See others as more important, give too much, tries to hard to please, mental & nervous disorders, indecision. B Deals with being a martyr, think they deserve but don’t know how to accomplish without appearing selfish, scattered attention.

Physical  Correlation (physical effect of each note in an octave)

C Gross circulation of fluids, hormones, heart muscle, large thick muscles, sore muscles, constipation, colon, anemia, reproduction.
C# Oxygenization, circulation of digestion, tendons & ligaments, sore muscles, asthma, colds, constipation, testes/ovaries.
D Digestion, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, spleen, cramps, blood sugar, adrenals.
D# Oxygenization of digestion, respiration, colitis, ulcers, lymph, small intestines.
E Circulation, conduction, oxygenation, lungs, respiration, nerves, lymph, ulcers, stomach.
F Kidneys, bladder, reduces blood pressure, insomnia, thymus, heart.
F# Screening & filtering, insomnia, thymus imbalances, heart, allergies.
G Neurotransmitters, utilization of B vitamins, bones, back pain, raises blood pressure, thyroid, throat, skin.
G# Enzyme production, thyroid, laryngitis, tonsillitis, back pain, allergies, colds/sinus.
A Body’s rebuilding, toxins, eyes & ears, deafness, stop bleeding, insanity, pituitary.
A# Screening and filtering processes, utilization of minerals, body regulation, eyes & ears, deafness, epilepsy, nervous system.
B Subtle circulation, nerves, body mechanics, electrical body, blood purification, epilepsy.


The information contained herein is for recreational and educational purposes only. It is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice or attention of health care professionals. Consult your physician before beginning or making changes in your diet, supplements, or exercise program, for diagnosis and treatment of illness and injuries, and for advice regarding medications.