Scholarship Terms and Conditions

What do we ask of you in exchange for this service? 

In exchange for this service, we ask the following of you….

  • You agree to provide simple feedback every 30 days for the first 6 months
  • After each 6-month period, we will check in, via email, to ensure you still wish to be on the service. If you choose to recommit for another 6 months under the scholarship/pay-it-forward program we will ask for a written confirmation before we will continue the service for another 6 months.
  • If you have not provided feedback, as requested, during the previous 6 months, the service will be cancelled. Call it a balance of energies between our efforts and yours to your journey of evolution and consciousness.
  • You agree that all feedback provided in any form can be used by us without restriction to share anywhere and on any medium, we choose on an anonymous and/or first name basis only.
  • You understand that this agreement is between two conscious beings and will honour and do your best to honour yourself and the beings providing you with this service and support
  • You understand that if you do not provide the feedback requested by us or you choose to cancel the scholarship service at anytime the service will not be offered to you again in this lifetime under the scholarship program. If you choose to participate in this service again it will be for full fee for service.
  • If you choose to cease the service under this scholarship contract or the service is cancelled by us due to lack of feedback or breach the terms of this contract all commitments will be nullifed upon your death .
  • You will offer to pay per month what you truly can afford even if it is $5 or $50 per month or $100 per month. What matters is that you commit to what is right for you and we will honour that completely.
  • If and when your financial situation improves and you still wish to be on this service you agree to adjust your payments so that we can continue to grow the service and support others around the globe as a way of giving back and contributing to love and evolution on this planet.