Electromagnetic Frequencies Tiny particles made up of fragments of radioactive magnetic frequencies circle the earth at great force. Biodynamic energies are created to surround these tiny particles, as carriers of positive ions removing dis-ease in the atomic particles known as CO2-carbon dioixide – placed in a tube to electrically charge the magnetic waves coming through. Technically though, this technology in all actuality is remarkable in the way of timing/joining forces with radioactive wave transmitters, putting to good use the ” ” and clearing the pathways to include high frequencies of light energy, thus propelling the dark GMC, galactic matter charged particles into the wavelengths that extend light years beyond our way of thinking. In conclusion, this scalarwave technology is highly efficient in the use of clearing subtle energies in man made consciousness. All thought forms create either ease or dis-ease? Propose to band together to bring peace, love and harmony to all. This spring, show the world how clearing an exhibition hall effects the lives of many people in the state of dis-ease. Providing effortless release and relief of stress, negativity, emotional baggage, overwhelm, sadness, sorrow, despair and many other energies too numerous to mention nor do they require a name or label. The thought itself will suffice. Clearing your esoteric field is a courageous feat that can contain the negative energies attempting to overcome the light. Rearrange your thought processes to ensure effective conglomerates of thought formations are created to ensure a future of scalar wave technology.