The Pocket IQube is a stand-alone instrument that creates an uplifting field simply using frequencies/music. Imagine travelling with your own coherent bubble of energy that travels with you throughout the day and night. The Pocket is a portable quantum healing tool that combines scalar vortex miracoil technology with inert noble gas technology, and it can be used to play the sound therapy frequencies from your own voice or soundtracks that we provide. The Pocket IQube has power emanating from it even without being plugged into an outside electrical source.

What does the Pocket IQube come with?

The Pocket comes with a full suite of daytime and nighttime soundtracks loaded onto a downloadable chip to be played through your pocket IQube, an audio out chord that plugs directly into a laptop, tablet or desktop computer, two bottles of structured water and your first set of personal frequencies. You can use your own player or for an additional fee we can include a player with all the frequencies preloaded and ready to go. For pricing of the Pocket IQube see: IQube Pricing Page. The Pocket can be carried with you anywhere and can be used at any time to support, nourish and energize you during in a crowded, hectic environment or day simply by plugging it into you own player and playing the frequencies provided with your device.

What frequencies does the Pocket IQube come with?

The pocket IQube comes with an extensive suite of daytime and rest/nighttime list of frequencies.

AM/Daytime Frequencies - Clearing, Concentration, Digestion and Schumann Resonance, Heart Opening, Gamma Bliss, Telomeres and Raise Your Frequency
PM/Rest/Nighttime/ Meditation Frequencies - Protection, Delta-Theta Sweep, Magnesium-Sulphur, Lucid Dreaming, Raise Your Frequency and Ocean Waves
Emotional Balancing and Octave Wave 8; This frequency can be played in either a daytime or nighttime playlist or on its own. Use your own intuition to device what is best for you.
The AM and PM frequencies are designed to be played in a playlist one after the other however use your own guidance to decide if you wish to repeat a soundtrack at any point in time.

Use your Pocket IQube to enhance the impact of your Personal Sound Frequencies You can enhance the use of your Pocket iQube with your own personal sound frequencies. You can get your personal frequencies from either your local sound coach or you can purchase them at: Personal Sound Frequencies. Use these sound frequencies generated from the sound of your voice to clear your energy field and enhance focus anytime of the day or night. You can use these continuously during the day while working at your desktop or laptop computer or with your mobile device while on the go. For more details about Personal Sound Frequencies see: https://clearlyconscious.ca/personal-sound-frequencies/
This beautiful portable device comes in BLACK OR WHITE!
The black pocket is slightly smaller in size but other than that they are identical. Choose yours based on what “feels right” for you!!
In addition you can choose to purchase your pocket with an android touch screen player to play the frequencies through the device or you can save some money and the environment and provide your own player. You can use an old phone, MP3 player or an old ipod. The choice is yours. If it plays music it will work.