Sometime we need a little push to step into who we are here. We thought we would make it easy for you with these steps. It's time to be who you've always been.

We are so excited that you are interested in accelerating your life forward and becoming a member of the My CW Community!

Here are the simple steps to start your acceleration with the QAS: (assuming you are ready to move forward)
    1. Select the Subscription(s) and quantities of the item you are interested in. Each subscription is customized with different clearing and acceleration options to suit the person, place or situation. We offer discounts when you purchase more than one item. These discounts will automatically be added in your cart.
    2. Upon checkout you will need to create an account if you do not already have one and fill in the information required.In order to complete payment please know that credit cards will only be accepted to enable automatic monthly payments. If you do not have a credit card then please use the cheque option and we will arrange recurring payments using PayPal as an alternative.
    3. At the end of these steps, you will have an Account with a QAS Membership. Congratulations...
    4. Next you will be required to fill out a QAS Sign Up form with your personal detailed information. Here is a brief list of the info required to add you into the system. These will be emailed to you in a few mintes from check out and in future will be provided to you in your account dashboard.
    5. Once the forms have been submitted it will take 48-72 hours for you to be added to the system. Once you have been added to the system you will start receiving daily emails titled FEEL GREAT AGAIN.
    6. Now you let the system do its work and enjoy feeling great again.
Feel free to also ask questions via contact form here or the chat section of the website. We will do our best to share what we have learned and seen so far and assist you in this process.