Team Love With Liam is dedicated to sharing, teaching hand inspiring conversations about love. A long overused and abused topic in this world but one that we feel strongly is the only key to evolution through the heart. Team Love is here to assist the planet. Ancient ones choosing to step forward to experience a different way of living loving through love.

Discover a deep awareness of what you really are and listen to the most recent connections. And if you are looking to step more fully into the real you then we highly recommend getting a unique personalized message with Team Love With Liam if it feels right for you.


We dedicate our lives to raising the consciousness on the planet. Watch, listen and become aware of new concepts, insights and things we have learned along our journey to love. (This will give you a good sense of who we are and what we are all about.)

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The first Tuesday of every month we offer a Free Community Webinar where we discuss a unique topic and listen to the tones from the groups voice samples. This is a unique opportunity to connect, learn and grow together as a community.

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