VAHS Sessions

We are thrilled to offer VAHS sound therapy as one of the most profound and efficient methods we’ve ever seen for rapidly shifting consciousness. 

With this divinely inspired system, we’re able to have our computer analyze more than a billion bits of information about your voice. The system then produces custom feedback in the form of sound, noble gasses, light, and scalar frequencies to strip away attachments and other blockages to your personal development.

From our experience, regular use of VAHS sound therapy helps to free you from the programming you typically operate from, allowing you to make conscious choices about your reactions to the world around you.


  1. Clients provide a brief voice imprint through a microphone into our computer where it is analyzed by our software.
  2. The software determines what sound frequencies are needed to correct or balance any distortions found.
  3. We then provide an initial session through our VAHS Rejuvenation sound therapy system, imprinting a special form of water along the way.
  4. We send the client home with this water and a custom CD for them to continue using over several weeks.

To make best use of the water and CD at home, the client will want to mix two ounces of the imprinted water with one gallon of distilled water and to drink 4 to 8 glasses a day; at this rate, the water will last for 1 to 2 weeks. The CD should be listened to on any sound system with a deep bass, especially one with a good sub-woofer if available. The CD should be listened to once a day in a relaxed setting. We can also work with a client from a distance by receiving a voice print over the Internet. In this case, they just receive the water and CD, obviously without the initial session in our office. Please Contact Ann or Bill before you order online. Each 1 hour session includes sound therapy, a custom CD, a custom water activator,  Cost: Contact Nearest Coach  

How Sound Therapy Works

Sound therapy is a non-invasive means of interacting with your biofield/subconscious in such a way that, done correctly, it can essentially shake loose emotional imprints that have been stored there over time. These can include childhood imprints, impressed on us at a young age by parents, teachers, and others.  They can also include the lasting effects of stress and trauma.  And of course any of these imprints can actually create physical health problems. As many people know, traditional talk therapy has a hard time getting rid of underlying emotional traumas, as it attempts to give clients a new, intellectual look at emotional issues so that they can approach them in a new way. The problem is, that never rewrites the underlying programming. This is why talk therapy can go on for years, if not for life. With hypnotherapy, a person is brought into the brainwave state in which these emotional events were actually recorded — on the sub-conscious level. Once in this state, the client can actually access and change the underlying programming. However, while this is helpful, it isn’t necessary in the sense that the biofield doesn’t use words to store these imprints. It stores the frequencies, which are what replay themselves throughout our lives. These frequencies can be changed through appropriate quantum therapies, and sound therapy is an excellent approach to doing so. Of course not all sound therapy is alike. We have researched several of the main sound therapy devices on the market today (as of 2009) and feel that some can be too jarring for the client, causing emotional breakdowns; others can be dangerous, as they flash lights into the brain and run the risk of epileptic responses. That’s why we are using VAHS sound therapy. It is developed by a company that’s been involved in cellular memory, sound therapy, and water imprinting for close to 40 years!  This system allows us to output personalized water and CDs to further the effects of our work after the office session. It’s no small matter that their water has been used and endorsed by some of the biggest names in the growing water movement. They understand imprinted water! They’ve been at it for years! And they have a great deal of integrity in their work.