Clearly Conscious carries a unique line of “IQube”technologies created and manufactured by Quantum Sound Therapy. Most people say what is an IQube? Yes they are hard to explain. You need to experience them to really get a better feel and understanding of the instruments.  So come out to a Group event,  Tradeshow or visit a local Sound Coach to experience them first hand:). To learn more about each individual “IQube” click the links on the right side to choose the device you wish to learn more about. Here is an interview with Bill and Ann explaining most of the IQube technologies based on their experience and observations.


Here is an interview with Bill and Ann explaining the IQube technology to Medea at “”

Below is a summary of the various IQubes, the frequencies they come with and their cost in US$. Do not let the price inhibit you. If the technology feels right for you we work with all of our clients to make the purchase work through various payment plan options.

product grid v17

Approximate USD $$  to YOUR LOCAL CURRENCY

NOTE: Remember to ADD Shipping and Local TAX for CANADA

Tesla (10 Mira coils) $11500 Harmony (4 Mira coils) $7200 Awaken (3 Mira Coils) $5500 Theta Love (TLC) (3 Mira Coils) $4500 Performance (2 Mira Coils) $2500 Focus (1 Mira Coil) $2000 Pocket (1 mini Mira Coil) $895