A Gift from the Global Consciousness summit and My Conscious wellness

Soul Tones Made From The Voice
Enter the world of using sound to shift consciousness

Did you know that everything about you is in your voice?

Soul tones were our first tool over 10 years ago. When we took a voice sample and played the frequencies from our voice things started to shift. Emotions, mental patterns blocks, and fears. The more we played the more they worked. It is like layers of an onion letting go of the old to make the space for the new. It has been over 10 years now since we started working with sound and technology to shift consciousness.

My Conscious Wellness is a sponsor of the Global Consciousness Summit and proud to share these gifts with you as a part of the evolution of consciousness of humanity in the world.

Let go of the subconscious blocks that are holding you back and START LIVING A LIFE OF LOVE, JOY & PEACE.

shift the frequency of your unwanted patterns

Receive The Power of Your Voice & Sound

How to redeem your gift? Simply choose the product below that interests you and use the coupon code mentioned below to receive your gift for 90 days. If in the end, you feel you benefited from the gift you will be able to contribute and continue with the service, if you choose. Once we receive your purchase we will send you details on how to get you started. 

Personal Frequencies

These tones are unique to you as they are based on your voice. Like peeling the layers of an onion they help to erode and balance mental, physical, and emotional patterns simply using sound.

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Personal Frequencies + Voice Chart Reading

This includes your own personal frequencies AND a one on one zoom session with Ann and Bill to “read your chart” and get a chance to see what in your voice.

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Did you know that your voice is the energetic doorway to lasting transformation?

Each voice is a unique blend of frequencies. Hidden in the five octaves of your voice is a CODE with the power to release years of pent-up fear and anxiety. Why? Because your Voice Is An Energetic Record Of Your Past, Present, And Future that reflects your body, soul, emotions, and mind.

The soundtrack acts to shift the frequency of your root pain pattern. This positive shift reduces the weight of the emotional baggage that has kept you in bondage every moment of your life. Our sound therapy algorithm helps its users remove the fear and stress they experience both consciously and subconsciously. By removing these negative factors, users can more openly and actively harness the power of their subconscious mind for real happiness. Your Customized Soundtrack RELEASES Root Pain Patterns That Keep You On The Emotional Roller Coaster Ride. (CALLED YOUR DRAMA)

Did you know that your voice is more unique then your DNA?

Each person has a unique energy signature. We use an amazing software, developed by Quantum Sound Therapy, to create a unique set of frequencies specifically designed to help harmonize and balance you. Maybe needs one more line here – seems a bit too short.