Who We Are

We are an organization that partners with heart centered people, practitioners and organizations to deliver continual growth and evolution through the use of consciousness based tools and technologies.

Our Vision

Our desire is to work with strategic partners and alliances of 100% integrity that are here to help shift the consciousness of the world and help humanity move forward, getting out of our old patterns of fear and loss and into love, by sharing, educating and the selling/distribution of consciousness tools around the globe.

Specifically we wish to work with conscious entrepreneurs who have developed consciousness based tools in getting them out into the world effectively, efficiently, seamlessly and financially effectively for all parties involved.

A Journey of Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is the core driving force for Bill and Ann’s life journey. Bill and Ann are licensed Spiritual Health Coaches. Up until the last few years Ann and Bill have spent their lives in the traditional corporate jobs as an accountant and a computer professional, but both have known that there was much more to this life. Once they found the technology, both of their lives began to rapidly change and they began to fulfill the life that they knew deep inside they were meant to lead.

A life of service, a life of love and a journey to help others realize the beauty within themselves and the strength that each person can bring to the planet when they choose to live in love. Their life journey is about sharing and bringing this divine science to people around the world.