Formerly Clearly Conscious

Why the Transition?

A Dedication to Love

Well, this is a story we (Ann and Bill) wrote together…The Co-Founders of Clearly Conscious also needed to shift to something different.

When we started the journey of love with Quantum Sound Therapy. We thought it would be one thing but it turned out to be another.

We and our creation needed to change. It wanted to move from a business to a stronger foundation.

So we embarked on a journey to embody more love. 

Grateful for each other and the friends along the way that showed their support and then some flitted away.  

And so now we are here, in MYCW. 

Holding the vision for love for everyone. 


So what is new?

We began creating a new series of scalar energy technology called the Infinity Series… 

What came to us was to wrap them in love. Starting with how they were made to how they are shared and how they are distributed. Lots more info on them soon to come.


Then expanded the Remote Energy Support systems, called the QAS, and created the capacity to do Inner Journies. 

The first one that came to us was the embodiment experiment and in the end, it became the Love Experiment. Each of us journeying back to deeper states of self-love. Creating ripples of energy wrapped up in love. 


And then along came the Love Fund 

A Foundation Created to Support Love and Consciousness on the planet. A federally registered non-profit association that is dedicated to the expansion of LOVE on this planet through leveraging and use of LOVE-centered technologies.


If you are landing on this page, thank you for being part of our journey and feel free to tune into the New MYCW