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Quantum Alignment Services

Quantum Alignment Service Explained


There are two components to this amazing system.

1. A once (or more) day automated service, delivered each and every day. All you have to do is sign up and let it run!

2. On-demand service that starts a session on you when you request a session via email. Receive a session anywhere, anytime!


The On-Demand Feature

Our NEW On-Demand Feature for the QAS allows to to request a session for stress, sleep, pain, and treating your aura to help sweep your field when you need it most. You can send in a request for the service to run on you and within minutes it will start working on your energy field.

Get energetic air support from anywhere, at work, from home, or travelling – anytime you feel you need extra assistance. Simply send an email to our quantum data services and our services will be dispatched directly to you. It’s that easy!

Current on-demand options at the moment are: Pain, Sleep, Stress and Aura. (stay tuned for more)

Do not underestimate the power of any of these. Use the Aura one when you are feeling a little off. The others are self-explanatory.

You can use this as often as you need. We suggest no more than three at a time.



How to use:

It is simple to use, just send an email as follows:

1. Send your request via email to smiles@qass.ca.
2. In the subject line put the name of the service you are requesting either (only one at a time please or it will be rejected.
3. In the body of the email simply put your nickname (the name of the person you are requesting the service for). This is the name you gave us for the service when setting up your account.

Within 5 minutes you should receive an email back saying the service started. If
you receive and error message back please let us know.

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