love & light inner journey

Pay it Forward

A Continuous Flow of Love

As part of The Love Experiment initiative we want to give back and honor the communities energy and effort in making the Love and Light Inner Journey possible. You have contributed your time, love and energy into this initiative and we want to give back and pay it forward. We are all playing a part in playing a role in the bigger dream – to the expansion of love; in ourselves, others and the collective.

Wave 3 – Goal $2500 > Together we raised $2780

A portion of those funds goes back to those who participated in this love experimentmt as love credits.


How to Use the Love Credits

Option 1: Gift it to a friend

Keep the loving growing and expansion of love and offer the love credit to your friend, daughter/son, parent – whoever you wish that you feel would want to participate in the next Love and Light Inner journey.


Option 2: Receive & use it for yourself

If you feel called to use the love credit for you so that you are able to continue the next wave of the Love and Light Inner Journey then we would love to have you continue journeying in this unique way.


Use Coupon Code: LOVEEXCHANGE at checkout to receive your $55 Love credit. Either use it for yourself or pass it along to a friend. Can be used for either the one-month, or 3-month journey. One coupon code per use. Valid until the end of January 2024.