Infinity Series + QAS Discussion – 06.05.22

For those who missed the call today, here are some of the tips shared from the group. Thinking of making this a more regular thing as I have a feeling that we’ve only begun to tap into the power of the audios and technology, more heads are better than one or two 😉

–       A reminder for those using the On Demand QAS that you have access to the following different types of custom clearings:

o  Pain

o  Stress

o  Aura

o  Allergy (great for this time of year especially)

o  Sleep

We discussed different ways of using the clearing audios such as ‘entity removal’, ‘exorcism’ and ‘cloaking’. A few notes:

–       Cloaking: Also known as ‘auric blending’; blends your auric energy into the environmental field so that you’re not standing out as much for trickster type energies to mess with you. It was recommended by Hailee to use this track when working with groups as it helps keep the group protected/concealed from energies that might want to disrupt their expansion. Playing it on repeat for a period of a few hours can be helpful, but not necessarily recommended to play 24/7 as it may conceal you from receiving support from benevolent energies.

–       Entity removal: Some people play this specific track on one instrument 24/7 in order to keep mal-aligned energies from mucking up your space. Works well for superficial entity attachments (auric field attachments).

–       Exorcism: It was suggested that entities may attach to you in different ways, and for entities that have made their way deeper into your mind, playing this track may help dig those more pesky energies out of your body.


o  One suggestion when working with this track (or the entity removal or curse removal track) either for yourself or for a client is to first play the ‘Angelic Intercession’ track through the tech to call in benevolent supportive energies. Then she holds stabilizers at her heart and root chakras and plays the Exorcism audio (so that the audio can be heard). Then she finishes by playing the ‘Unconditional love’ audio to fill the new empty space with love. This helps with feelings of confusion or emptiness than can follow a deeper entity removal.

–       Curse/Spell removal (can be purchased from Sapien Medicine’s website): Works similarly to the Exorcism track; works well for ‘intentional projections’ from physical or non-physical beings that have mal-aligned intentions.

– You can use the scalar instruments to restructure your drinking water by placing your water next to the scalar instruments and encoding different frequencies into the newly structured water. Some suggestions that worked for those in the group were ‘become kinder and more patient’ or ‘unconditional love’.

Using the scalar instruments during intense astrological events:

–       Create a specific Full moon/New moon playlist utilizing “Nullify negative planetary effects’, ‘Amplify positive planetary effects’ and the silence tracks. Can help ground you when your body starts to float/dissociate.

Ann and Bill have found it helpful to turning off their tech every few days for a period of time or by using the ‘silence’ audio (found in the infinity series audio list) in your playlists to give intermittent periods of rest. This turns off the ‘light-house’ so to speak and can help clear ‘stuck’ energies attracted to the scalar fields. Might be helpful to do this during full moons.