Our approach to exchanging energy

Contributions to Love

How to exchange differently, from love… 

Setting the stage for this approach to business began formally in 2019 but we feel like this has been coming our whole lives.

to guide us to do business in the world, differently, from love.

How can you do that in a world that does not trust, where money and love has been bastardized and people are not willing to receive? Truly a challenge we were ready to receive. 

What has come so far is a three-prong (so far and open to more ideas and suggestions:) to sharing, like never before..

  1. A traditional energy exchange model with standard suggested pricing for people who are comfortable with the suggested price and energy exchange;
  2. A Patreon/Contribution Model where people contributed an amount they could afford to access what we are sharing and then a monthly amount, decided by them to access community, updates, and support the initiative as a whole. 
  3. Crowdfunding – Specifically to fund the creation and distribution of instruments in a true pay-it-forward mechanism, funded for the people by the people to help get energy your way. This component allows us to fund instruments and help people receive when money and trust are getting in the way and allow others to receive the benefit and then truly pay it forward to others when the time is right. More to come.. 


All are designed to truly open access to energy support tools without letting money get in the way, build trust and then pay it forward by the community in love. 


This is about truly trusting and living in the flow. A community working together to bridge the gaps of healing and assisting each other and moving from pain and suffering to living and creating again from a place of love.

This is why you will see suggested pricing on everything. You get to decide. If you are willing to take a step so are we in helping us all get back to love over time. 

When you choose to contribute in a way that feels right for you in any of the options suggested above, there is a call to support love, inside of you. 

You are not “purchasing” in a traditional way. You are connecting and adding more love into the world through sacred exchange. 

Contributions are made to support the expansion and unity of love on this planet within ourselves, each other, and the globe, including both the physical and non-physical connections supporting and expanding the expansion of love at this time.

So come, explore, and play. Let’s see if we can focus on the expansion of love, together at this time. 

Press play to tune in a little deeper into the vibe.


during the next 6 months

What is included?

6 ways to easily focus on adding more love into the world and for each other. This is the ASK.

Press play to listen in.. 


Daily Location QAS

Location QAS Once-a-day for stabilizer and pockets, 3x a day for harmonizer, and 5x a day for Orbs and IQubes. This service includes very specific features of the QAS including a locationhypno for 6 months to help strengthen the space of love.


On-Demand Location Session with QAS

On-demand location electro-hypnosis, called ‘amplifylove’ where you can send in an email request to have a session run on your place any day, any time.


Once-a-month Intention Synchronization

Once a month focused group connection where we will schedule a time to play a certain frequency on the instruments and all send in a location hypno, more love for the land and our environments. 


Super QAS Once-a-month

The super QAS or “location blaster” is where we will manually run extra clearings on your space (10+ sessions or more at once). We will let you know when the session is running so that you can observe changes, if any and provide feedback.


Conscious Location Support

Request support from other members in our community, and in this initative to call on one another to consiously send love to each other and our locations to strength the field of love.


Love & Consciousness Telegram Group

Join the Love and Consciousness Association Telegram group to stay connected as this is the focus of the group at.

Why Amplify Love on the planet?

To us, it feels like our spaces, the land, and the instruments could stand a little more support.

The experiment is to see if we can use the power of the QAS and each other to focus more love on our environments.

We feel that if we can create more coherency in our spaces then we, as a group, get a chance to flow more love into our own lives and the lives of those around us.

Let’s see if as a connective, using these tools more consciously, we can flow more love into the world, including our timelines, multiple realities, and dimensions that are asking for more assistance through the conscious movement of love.

By creating more space for love we get a chance to be happier, more connected, and expand past maybe beyond what we have been able to achieve before.

The question is can we clear the airwaves for higher states of connection more than ever before?





during the next 6 months

What is The Exchange?

So we have tuned in and for this experiment, we are suggesting a contribution of $25 CDN per location (but you can decide to do more).

It feels like the starting point for something bigger so we are going to start small.

At the mid-point, we will be asking for feedback and we see a crowdfunding opportunity to do more if it succeeds.

So stay tuned, stay in touch, and decide if the experiment feels right for you.