a 21 day Opportunity

An Experience in Enhancing Your Awakening
shifting our realities together through Love

“The acceleration experienced by this process and within a cumulative energy field of the group has proven exceptional beyond anything anticipated.”

l am offering a unique and dynamic opportunity for those who are seeking to access higher consciousness and awakening.  A QUANTUM LEAP !!  Many of us feel the shift,  we know it’s happening, but we can’t seem to get to the next level!

How do we take back our own Power and Create the life and the world we desire?

 I will be hosting an experience with a small group of like-minded folks. If you are excited about awakening and ready to ”get on with it”,  this is for you.

My name is Joan and I am a 71-year-old grandmother who has been happily married for 51 years. I’ve spent a lifetime seeking meaning and answers to life’s challenges and the key to finding joy amidst the chaos.  I believe that I have finally found a most awesome key to discovering how to create that joy and more. I recently joined a small group in an experiment using Quantum Sound Technologies to tap into higher consciousness frequencies and found it to be profound  –  something shifted deep within me.  It cannot be explained – it just needs to be experienced.  I am excited to share this opportunity with others to experiment with how these gifted technologies will be experienced for them.

Our intention for this experience is to move into states of higher frequencies where we experience Self Love and greater alignment with our Creative Source.

We will bathe in frequency meditations and sound to support our awakening as we dissolve limiting beliefs and celebrate the manifestation of our Divine Self and Power.

Join us for the 21-Day Journey of Quantum Exploration to accelerate moving forward from love starting Wednesday, May 31.

The power of this meditation is groundbreaking and beyond any other known vibrational offerings at this time.  

All of this can be done remotely and online, you do not need to be present each and every day for this experience, you simply need to commit 30 minutes a day to yourself and let the frequencies, the energy, and your consciousness will take it from there. 

 what is included?

The 21-Day Awakening Experience

For 21-Days we will use these powerful tools, and the energy of the group experience to help assist each of us to clear the air, shift our energy and bring us into another layer of alignment and embodiment within ourselves.


Quantum Alignment Service (QAS)

The remote energy service to assist in balancing and clearing our energy field once a day.


On-Demand Session with QAS

Utilizing the new on-demand hypnosis feature to help strengthen your ability to let go of your negative thought patterns and reinforce the positive around trusting yourself


Quantum Soul Tones from Quantum Sound Therapy

These personalized set of unique frequencies are created from your voice and designed to release the patterns within the subconscious mind. 


Group Connection Calls

3 group connection calls to support us in each of our unique experiences. A kick off call, a reflection space and celebration sound immersive experience.


Suggested Energy Exchange $$$

The Suggested Energy Exchange for this experiment is $50 CDN but you can go inside and do what feels right for you…. 

Are you ready to have fun and explore in this way? 

It is the energy of the stories of our past that is causing the tension for the future. This journey is about doing less, and letting go using sound.

I have partnered with a Canadian company. “ My Conscious Wellness”, and we are offering a 21-day journey to accelerate your awakening supported by the group’s energy and combined intention.

The opportunity uses your own personal voice sample to provide a 30-minute frequency meditation that is unique to YOU – but, with the additional benefits of group energies.

This is a profound opportunity to tap into the Quantum field with Quantum Technologies. A revolutionary system developed by Bill Little who is Canada’s , and possibly globally, most sophisticated Quantum Sound Technology Technician and pioneer.  Andrea Leigh Austin, Masters Degree, and soon to be Ph.D., in Metaphysics, will support the group with her extensive knowledge and skills.

The commitment “to yourself” is to tap into your own soul’s knowing of her own Divinity and Power. You will privately listen to your own 30-minute frequency meditation daily for 21 days while allowing your own loving soul to shift and move you along the journey to Self-love and awareness. Do you feel that it is time to experience joy and release the energies that no longer serve you?

Participants will receive a set of their own personal Sole Tones for daily meditation,  but – the huge gift within this process is that you will be given remote biofeedback service to access while you meditate.

As we consciously send in an on-demand hypno feature via email, this provides an added energetic support to shift out those outdated beliefs and strengthen the new beliefs.

The focus of this journey will be:

  • I awaken to my Divine Self as a Creative Force
  • The Light within me is aligned to The Great Creative Light
  • I awaken now as my true Self as a Divine Being with access to the highest Source available to me for my highest good and for the highest good of all around me
  • I willingly and easily release lower vibrations and embrace awareness of my true inheritance as a Divine Being

This 21-day journey is designed to help you let go even deeper into your limiting states to make it possible for you to live in a deeper aligned state with your higher self.

strengthen our inner awareness together

Group Connection Support


Information Session

We will gather on Saturday, May 20th at 11:00 am  EST for an information session to explore and decide if this is right for you.


Initial Kick-off Group Call

We will gather on Wednesday, May 31st at 6:30 pm EST for an initial call to kick off the journey and anchor in our intentions and personal commitments for the next 21 days. This can be done live on the call or listen in after, you decide. The call will be recorded.


Reflection and Connection Space

Let’s gather in the middle of the journey on Wednesday, June 7th at 6:30 pm EST to connect and build more awareness around strengthening your inner knowing and what is right for you. Following them and seeing where it goes.


Closing Group Sound Celebration

At the end of the journey, we will gather together on Wednesday, June 21st at 6:30 pm EST to amplify the experience by listening to our tones combined and all sending in a hypno request. Will conclude the challenge by sharing our experience and what these tools offered to us.


Private Online Group Sharing Chat via Telegram

We will have a private group chat via Telegram for each of us to reflect and share awareness’s and feedback along the way – and to support each other as we need.

quantum technology to support us

The Tools 


Quantum Alignment Service

This amazing service is an energy balance session that is intended to give you a happiness boost, assistance with clearing extraneous interfering energies in your field, assistance with balancing, clearing karmic ties, assistance with cutting cords and help with balancing the auric field. This service includes a minimum of one remote energy sessions per day. It runs on you automatically no matter where you are, and once it is complete emails you the details of your session.


On-Demand Electro-Hypnosis Session

For this challenge you will get the opportunity to experience a truly unique feature of the QAS giving you the ability to request an electro-hypnosis session. This is approx. a 50-80 minute session that includes features that support in re-patterning the subconscious limited patterns and beliefs, and strengthening the positive ones.


A Set of Personalized Quantum Soul Tones

The soundtrack acts to shift the frequency of your root pain pattern. This positive shift reduces the weight of the emotional baggage that has kept you in bondage every moment of your life. Our sound therapy algorithm helps its users remove the fear and stress they experience both consciously and subconsciously. By removing these negative factors, users can more openly and actively harness the power of their subconscious mind for real happiness. Your Customized Soundtrack RELEASES Root Pain Patterns That Keep You On The Emotional Roller Coaster Ride.

You will receive an mp3 file of your personalized set of frequencies that you can use for the length of the challenge and continuing using on your own to support you.

ready to sign up?

Experiment, Enhance and Accelerate Your Awakening within you

Are you wanting to shift from living from the past and ready to allow the future to unfold?

Join this 21 Day challenge as a unique way to help unravel the subconscious limiting patterns, and open yourself up to creating change in a deeper way. Each person’s experience is unique, but can offer an expansion, and a doorway for you to move closer into alignment with your true self.

Get ready to clear the way and make room for the light of you to anchor deeper into your being!

Feedback from our community

What Others Are Saying

Thank you to QAS. The support of the QAS has allowed me to maintain my equilibrium and presence even when the world around me seemed a little crazy. I am grateful to know that QAS is taking care of the subtler nuances of my energies even when I am focused on other projects. It is like having an automatic energy vacuum. It just keeps my field clear of dust and debris. I have noticed a huge difference with my teenager. He just seems to be getting more and more happy and content. We seem to be appreciating each other more and our interactions have become gentler and sweeter.


Thank you Bill and Ann, I am truly blessed and am grateful to count you both as blessings in my life.
In all honesty, I did not give it much thought when you started the harmonic training with me, and
continued my routines and habits, but after a short while, I experienced headaches, with moments of
nausea, that vanished completely within minutes. Nowadays, I feel great, with a persistent feeling of well being, even stressful situations impact me less. But, the noticeable difference is in my consciousness, or rather in being able to change my consciousness, from state to state. It is as if I am aware of being in an undesirable state, about to manifest unwanted desires, and being able to steer the conversation per say to our mutually beneficial outcome. I don’t dwell in my old haunts in consciousness anymore and am spending more times creating the ends of my desires. I look forward to practicing consciously creating my world every day. Since I have not changed anything else in my life and therefore attribute these good tidings to what your Brain balancing and Aura cleansing processes focused on me are doing, and thank you sooo very much. Let there be LIGHT. Thankful to you both for holding the light.


“I was further interested in adding the daily QAS option for myself and my family. I now use the on demand and a personalized on demand option. I added all these options as I could see the different ways it was supporting me on my journey.

In comparison, when I first started, I was in a state of feeling very overwhelmed and lost in life. I now see a clear path and have taken significant steps to improve my situation. I feel more focused and that my consciousness continues to expand. My inner knowing is stronger making it easier to see next steps on my path and I am now very aware of when I get off track. I have a new awareness of how I can continue to help myself and others. I have found improvements in my ability to focus on and move forward with tasks and have seen improvements in my mental and physical health.”

Denise Bradford

I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t have this clearing service – I know I would be a lot more of a mess that’s for sure. I am so so so thankful! It really allows me to stay connected and rooted in my self rather than getting carried away into the deep end – like I used to. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or my anxiety kicks in or I am stressed or sadness overcomes me from nowhere… after the QAS runs and I feel so much clearer, like the weight has been lifted and the fog has cleared. This has made such a big difference and I am forever grateful for having it in my life.