The Infinity Series – Harmonizer Unit – Contributive model



This is the initial fee to get the first unit of the Infinity Series, the Harmonizer unit, into your life for those that choose the non-ownership model. This fee includes warranty, repair, shipping to anywhere in Canada, and set up. This model also requires that you contribute to Patreon at a minimum of $25 US per month, prior to the unit being delivered at  – In this model, you do not own the unit. If you wish to stop contributing simply box her up and send her back so she can find her next home.

If you prefer to own the instrument it can be purchase for $1750 CDN at  –

You will be required to purchase an Amazon Fire, prior to receiving your unit, to play the frequencies. This is the ONLY player we will support as the units are calibrated for the frequencies to play on this table correctly. The Amazon Fire can be purchase anywhere in the globe. A sample of the base level unit is   –

If you have any questions about this model prior to purchase do not hesitate to contact us.