Connection Weekend Event Leveraging Sound and Scalar and a Community Based in Love

Yep, its time to reconnect for those that we are being called. Friday, November 2020 to Sunday, November 8th, 2020. And no you do not need to attend the whole thing to receive the benefit. This time “live” from Ontario headed by Ann and Bill and 5 other joining us in person along with various centers around the globe (ok mostly Canada eh:) joining us live from there living room for part of or all weekend long.

If you want context for the event listen here –

Are you craving connection ?
This is a name your price event. The suggested pricing is $50 CDN for Patreon members and $75 for non. But you go inside and decide what is right for you. It is our way of saying yes, yes to a community-based in love.

For more details about the event go to  –

We look forward to connecting….

Much love

Ann and Bill and the ever-growing team committed to My Conscious Wellness

Suggested Price: $75.00


This is to contribute to the upcoming November 2020 weekend event on Zoom and in-person (for some) to join in the fun and connection.