Accept and Embrace the Love that I AM


Three files to download and use. 1. Group tones/frequencies, 2. The Full discussion from our call 3. The shortened audio discussion about love. These are from a live reconnection call on July 4, 2019, You are welcome to download, listen and see where they take you on your journey to love. Much gratitude Ann and Bill.

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There are 2 downloadable files to this product.

  1. Unique sound frequencies or tones created from the voice samples of beings wishing to make a difference through love. These Frequencies for this product were created using the affirmation ” I accept and embrace the love that I am” used during a live reconnection call in July 2019. These tones can be played on your phone, computer or any other medium using a headset or speakers. (Please note for Apple products you must be able to  know how to download external music into your iTunes library for these to work).
  2.  A unique downloadable discussion about love.

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