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Congrats on taking a huge step forward in your evolution and the evolution of humanity. Know that this service we are offering was created to help everyone accelerate forward and live the life they are meant to live here.

Now that you have purchased a QAS subscription complete the following steps an read the information below:

  1. In your account you will find more information about the level of membership and subscription you have purchased on the side menu. Information will continually be added as needed so feel free to check back here for updates. By clicking Membership on the left side menu you will see which memberships you currently are subscribed to.If you purchased a standard membership (any product) click View on Quantum Acceleration Services under Memberships.
  2. Here you will see links for the QAS Sign Up forms. Select the form based on the product you purchased (Person, Location, Situation) will determine which form you need to fill out. Click on the link and fill out the detailed information required and submit form. Note: you will have to fill out a form per person, location or situation. Here is a brief list of the info required to add you into the system
  3. An administrator will now create your profiles in the QAS system and communicate with you VIA email if any additional information is required to get you started. Note: Be sure to add so you don’t miss an email from us.
  4. You will know that you have been added to the system when you begin receiving emails. This process usually takes 48 hours. Sometimes the emails are automatically put into SPAM. Please check your email Spam folder. The subject will be titled FEEL GREAT AGAIN. If you are not seeing emails after 72 hours please contact us.

Feel free to also ask questions via contact form here or the chat section of the website. We will do our best to share what we have learned and seen so far and assist you in this process.