This is a great combination to use and leverage the power of conscious based technology and a unique form of coaching to help you accelerate, get unstuck or get clarity at certain stages in your evolution.

Choices range from easy to listen to audios and frequencies to more interactive experiences including one on one connection. There are various options you can choose from to meet your needs. As we shift and change so to will the offerings giving us a place to share and grow together in love. You get to choose when and where you wish to play based on where you are at in your evolution.

Packages leverage many of our products including personal frequencies, QAS Services and Evolution Coaching and IQubes to meet you where you are at in your evolution.


Each one-hour session with Bill and/ or Andrea and the Team can include many possible aspects including a channeled message from the Team, Light language, dowsing and good old fashioned human discussions around love and evolution. We call this evolutionary coaching.

9-week Personalized Package

Includes 3 channellings, 6 personal frequencies and 9 weeks of the QAS /remote energy balancing service for you your family.

18-week Package

Join us for this 18-week package includes 6 one-on-one channellings via zoom (1 hour each) with Ann, Bill and Team Love, the QAS service//remote balancing service for you and your family (up to 5 items), new personal frequencies every three weeks.

18-week Package & Pocket IQube

Our 18-week package includes 18 weeks of our remote energy balancing service called QAS for you and your family (Max 5 items including your location), new personal frequencies every three weeks and 6 remote private one on one sessions via zoom (1 hour each) with Ann, Bill, and Team Love.

"Its been a journey. I know I am stronger personally and I have been able to stand up for myself like I couldn't before. I am calmer, and am able to find peace quicker if I get thrown off course and come back to center. I am able to be calm when there is not calm around me. I have come to rely on my own place inside and strength inside."

Teryl | Ontario

"It has been easy to navigate what has been happening energetically with the planets. As my vibration increases things start to fall away. Things are showing up that I don't feel in alignment anymore. Relationships with new people are changing and I can feel the ebbs and flows with people. So many more synchronicity are coming up. "

Arlene | Ontario

"A recognition of my own evolution. A feeling of peace and confidence even if everyone else is in a different space than me. i am a lot less triggered than I used to be. I feel a lot more at peace and secure with me holding my own unique viewpoint."

Thomas | Ontario